Wish Granted, Coach.

Ever wish your coaching business was… more enjoyable?

Coach all smiles and get your funnel system all set with Ben.


"My Results Have Gone Up!"

"Ben built my funnel and improvement is quite big! My ads is working better now! When anyone is thinking about working with Ben, he’s the guy!"

6-Figure Entrepreneur Dating Coach,

Richard Janson

My Clients Are Featured On

My Clients Are Featured On

Featured As

Akbar Sheikh

#1 Ethical Coach Who Helped 10 Funnels Hit 7-Figure

Our PROUDEST Work with Top 1% "Coach-go-to" Coach

From $0 to 7-Figure Coach's Funnel Builder

This is Ben Hanks, a certified funnel expert in strategy, copy and design. Ben has been building & launching funnels for coaches who are making 5, 6 and 7 figures.

Prior, Ben was making $0 sales, consistently for 4 months after spending more than $5k on guru’s courses and programs.

Let's be honest.

Every entrepreneur wants two things in life: money and impact.

The ULTIMATE way to get both lies in FUNNELS - your best marketer & salesperson help serving your people 24/7.

Ben does what he does because he believe that one profitable funnel can change your business forever while one good coach can influence thousands of lives. When we together make funnels for your coaching business, we can always give 2x, 3x or even 10x impact!

Ben is on a mission to “make more funnels and give more impact”, the ethical way.

Do What You Do Best & Outsource The Rest

Coach, enjoy your coaching part and let Ben handle your funnel.

Services For You:

  • Funnel Design
  • Copy
  • Tech Integration
  • Email Sequence
  • Messenger Bot (Manychat) Campaigns
  • and...

Your Most Needed Guarantee...

I promise that I'll stand by your side to support on conversions rate, email open rates, split test for headline and copy, tech support, chatbot marketing support, funnel maintenance...


Hi, I'm Ben Hanks

I love this “about me” or “why me” section because it helps answer your #1 question in mind now:

Is This Guy Worth My Time?

For some of you the answer is NO unless you believe that...

Funnel Design is a scientific strategy that helps you charge and convert more.

Let's face it...

75% People Judge Your Brand Credibility & Authority In Less Than 0.05 Second

That’s everything before people your copy& offer!

Imagine just converting a small amount of that 75% of your page visitors into customers and you will be shocked about the pile of cash you left on the table…

No More "Free Discovery Calls"

Because I. Value. Your. Time.

“Just Get My Funnel Built...”

I Hear You.

Step 1: Collect

Tell what you need & fill in the form so I can know everything about your business

Step 2: Visualize

Deliver a customised plan and concept funnel for approval.

Step 3: Build

Enjoy your coaching and

your funnel will be smoothly done!

Here's A Few Of My Funnels Built

Rather want unlimited funnel builds?

What if we built, launched and managed all your funnels in Clickfunnels for 12 months?

What would you do with all the time you had over? Spend more time with your family? Loved ones? Maybe travel more?

This is for experts, authors, personality brands, influencers, speakers, coaches, course creators or service providers who wants to free up their time to do more of what they love:

Here's how it works: You purchase a 12-month unlimited funnels-package and immediately you get taken to a on-boarding funnel that re-directs you to a Client Portal.

Inside of the portal you're welcomed by our project manager that takes care of all your questions. You'll then submit all your tasks in one place and you'll never have to do any calls or anything like that to get all your funnels built (and fixed when needed)

Ready for more freedom?

***Price increases from $10k to $18k soon***

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